Touch Bangle - Oxidized
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Article: Sterling Silver - Textured Oval Clasp Bangle - Oxidized. Sizes: Small, Medium, and Large

Chamila's new Oval Touch Bracelet cones in three distinct finishes - Bright, Grain Texture, and Oxidized Grain Texture.  These all feature Chamilia's exclusively designed, patent-pending push-button closure with stunning millegtain edge. 

Tell your store with charms on the bracelets, or wear alone.  Beautiful when all three are stacked on the wrist too.  Available in three sizes.

Small: 1010-0104

Medium: 1010-0111

Large: 1010-0112

  • Item #: 1010-0104
  • Manufacturer: Chamilia

Touch Bangle - Oxidized

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